Why sellers should focus on presentation now that the market has shifted.

If you’re a homeowner, should you adapt Wendy’s or Mastro’s strategy when selling your property?

At Mastro’s, presentation is a priority. From the food preparation to service to plating, it’s all about creating the best possible experience for the customer. On the other hand, Wendy’s is mostly concerned about serving their customers in the fastest and easiest way. Which team are you on? Do you focus on the presentation of your home like Mastro’s does, or are you more like Wendy’s, who piles food on their trays and leaves it at that? 

“Presentation is everything.”

Unfortunately, a lot of sellers right now are using Wendy’s strategy. It worked great in a strong seller’s market, but now that the market has shifted, buyers are pickier, and homes are taking longer to sell. It’s more important than ever that sellers adapt Mastro’s approach and focus more on presentation if they want to get top dollar. 

Here at Robert Mack Group, we help you determine what improvements to make, discuss your options, and calculate the costs to make your property attractive to buyers. Through our RMG Transformation Calculation, we calculate what’s worth (and not worth) doing based on the expected costs and anticipated return on investment. 

If you’re thinking about selling sooner or later, call or email us and we’d like to talk to you about what you can do to improve your chances of getting more money from your home. We look forward to hearing from you!