There are three things most people look for when buying a home:

1. Location. 53% of buyers will focus on location first. They want to be close to their place of work, their family, great schools, or amenities, like the beach. Location is, without a doubt, the most important feature for buyers.

2. Price. Many buyers will buy with a loan, so they’ll have a monthly payment, property taxes, utility bills, HOA fees, and all the other expenses that come with the territory of buying a house. Most buyers we work with try to stay within a certain price point so that they’re not out of their comfort zone. We to make sure they’re not ‘house poor.’

3. Layout. They want to make sure the home flows well and that they can imagine themselves living in the home and creating memories. 

“These are the three things about a home that you don’t have the ability to change.”

Keep in mind that these are three things you can’t necessarily change. Your home isn’t going to move, so you have to be happy in that location. Price is a matter of staying in your financial comfort zone in your monthly payment. You also need to be happy with the layout because most buyers won’t have enough money to seriously reconfigure their home’s layout. 

I hope this gives you a new way to think about what’s important when buying a home. If you have any questions about buying a home or you have other real estate topics you’d like to see me discuss in a video, feel free to give me a call, send me an email, or leave a comment on our website or social media pages. 

I look forward to hearing from you!