For those who failed to sell their home the first time around, I’m highlighting the three most important things to consider before trying again.

35% of people who try unsuccessfully to sell their home will relist within a couple of months. I’m a proponent of auditing your last attempt before giving it another shot: Was there an issue with your pricing strategy? Did your agent fail to drum up enough attention for the home? Did you not plan for a certain trend in the market?

It’s tough to pinpoint what went wrong, but I highly recommend sellers interview other agents for a fresh perspective. Going back to the same agent may not be the best approach. 

“To generate traffic, you need to off the home at a price that’s a bit more attractive than what would be considered market value.”

Here are the three things that matter most when relisting your property: 

1. How your home shows. If your $1 million listing has mediocre photography revealing a cluttered inside, how can you expect to give buyers that special sense of excitement? They simply won’t pay top dollar for it. Without a solid home preparation strategy, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. 

2. Price. Inventory is low, interest rates are low, and buyers want to buy. A fair-priced home that looks great will fly off the market for top dollar, likely via multiple offers. Though there are plenty of psychological strategies to maximize the amount an interested buyer is willing to pay for your home, you first have to spark interest amongst buyers.

To generate traffic, you need to offer the home at a price that’s a bit more attractive than what would be considered market value. That’s the key to spurring multiple offers. 

3. Working with an agent who knows what they’re doing. Make sure your agent has a strong marketing campaign that will expose your home citywide, countywide, nationwide, and even globally (never underestimate where buyers are coming from these days). Your agent needs tried-and-true systems in place to move the process along smoothly. 

If you want to have a more in-depth discussion about what my team and I can do to get your home sold for the price you want in our current market, shoot me a message or give me a call. I’m always here to help with your real estate goals.