Early home preparation is the key to selling your property for top dollar.

Are you planning to sell your home in the upcoming spring market? If so, there’s a crucial factor to consider: preparation. Many sellers delay until February or March to list their homes, but there’s a better strategy. Today, we’ll explain why early preparation can significantly impact your home’s profitability.

Waiting until the last minute might seem like a reasonable plan, but it often backfires. Most homes aren’t in optimal condition for maximum profit when initially assessed. Typically, they look like lived-in spaces, which is entirely normal. This is where the problem lies.

To ensure your home is in the best possible shape, we employ the “Five-Point RMG Audit.” Here are the five key areas we consider:

1. Carpet. Is it time for a replacement or a professional cleaning?

2. Paint. Does the paint appear worn, dark, or scuffed? Would a fresh coat of light, bright paint make a difference?

3. Cosmetic repairs. Are minor upgrades needed, such as changing cabinet knobs or patching holes?

4. Defect repairs. Are there any known issues with the roof, water heater, plumbing, or electrical systems?

5. Design. Does the home need decluttering or staging?

On average, our clients spend about 3 to 4 weeks on home preparation. This investment of time results in a home that feels like a model home, attracting more buyers and higher offers.

If you’re considering selling in February, March, or April, it’s essential to connect with us now. Home preparation typically takes 3 to 6 weeks, so getting a head start is crucial. Remember the old saying: “For every minute spent in preparation, you save ten in execution.”

Don’t wait until the last minute. If you’re thinking about selling and want guidance on what to do next, reach out to us now. We’re here to help you maximize your home’s sale profit.

Prepare early, sell confidently, and reap the rewards in the springtime real estate market.