These are the top five reasons why you should hire the Robert Mack Group.

Today I’m here with the top five reasons why you should consider the Robert Mack Group if you’re looking for a great real estate agent and team to help you buy: 

1. Market knowledge. The real estate market is extremely dynamic, and it can change on a weekly or monthly basis. If you’re not working with a real estate agent and a team that is constantly staying ahead of the curve with what’s going on in the market, you’re not going to win. 

2. Process knowledge. The real estate process can be extremely complicated. However, one thing we pride ourselves on is making sure that we offer the highest level of customer service to our clients. Every time we go through a transaction, we will audit it to see how it went. Did anything go wrong? Can we improve our process? What can we do to get ahead of this type of hiccup? We’re always looking for ways to improve.

“Whatever your goals are, they become our goals.”

3. Experience and negotiation. This is my 17th year in the industry, and every year, my team and I have continued to grow. Year after year, we’ve continued to network with the best agents locally and across the country. We continue to pay for high-level coaching to make sure that we are the absolute best for our customers and our clients. We’ve sold hundreds of homes over the last 15 years. Also, we have a big data pool, and we understand how buyers and sellers think. Therefore, experience and negotiation are crucial when choosing to work with an agent. You need to have someone fighting for you. 

4. Structure and predictability. This is the one thing that’s different between the Robert Mack Group and solo agents. The real estate process is so complicated that one person can’t do it all. When you hire us, you’re hiring eight people to work on your behalf. Whatever your goals are, they become our goals. Then we work collectively to help you get exactly what you want. 

5. Social proof. Go online and check our Yelp, Google, and Zillow reviews, and they will show you how we are. We grow our business by referral, so we work hard to keep people happy, and that shows. 

Overall, know that we are constantly finding ways to grow and help our clients. If you have a real estate need, reach out by phone call or email. We’d be happy to help you!