If your home previously did not sell, we have the options you need.

Did you try to sell your home but were unsuccessful? Are you looking for more options? Whether the home was withdrawn, canceled, or expired, you may still need to sell. 

What’s probably happening is you’re getting battered with mail, texts, emails, and phone calls from dozens of agents telling you why they’re the best, why your last agent was horrible, and why they’re the ones who can help you achieve your goals. There are 16,000 agents in Orange County and last year only 400 of them sold 10 homes or more. 95% to 98% of these agents that are contacting you do not have the expertise required to help you get your home sold for the best price and in the time you want it because they haven’t been in the business long enough. This is not a favorable market for someone who does not have a strategy. 

You want to make sure that you do your due diligence. If you are speaking to different agents you should be asking the right questions. Many agents are calling because they want your listing, but what you’re likely looking for are options. “Why didn’t my home sell? What is the next step? What can I do differently to get my home sold? Who should I hire?” 

“This is not a favorable market for someone who does not have a strategy.”

Talk to a few agents to assess how you can do better. My team and I specialize in assisting clients to sell their homes when previous agents failed. The one thing we pride ourselves on is that we aren’t calling because we want your listing but because we want to help. When we are offering help, we’ll walk you through different potential scenarios to present you with options. 

In this market, sometimes you have to get inventive. Interest rates are great, homes are still selling for amazing prices, but buyers are dubious. The recession is coming, that’s the talk of the town. So what can we do to design a listing strategy that’s going to be “recession-proof”? 

If you tried to sell in the past and weren’t successful send me an email or call me, we’d love to lay out all of your options. If you have specific questions but aren’t ready to meet yet please contact us anyway. We’re happy to help in whatever way we can.