Many buyers come to an open house and tell us they’re ready to buy, but we often find this isn’t the case. They haven’t begun the selling process on their home, they haven’t spoken to a lender yet, and they have no idea what they’re qualified for. So, when they say they’re “ready to go,” they’re anything but.

I expect this to happen with the average buyer, but there are professional agents doing this! They’ll show our listing, we’ll call to get feedback, and they’ll tell us their buyer is interested but isn’t in a position to submit an offer—they haven’t spoken to a lender yet.

“There’s a lot a buyer needs to do before they’re truly ready to go.”

The way I was taught was to work with ready, willing, and motivated buyers who know what they want, have spoken to a lender, know what they qualify for, and are in a position to submit an offer. This market is unpredictable, so great homes are sold fast. If one buyer falls in love with a home, it’s very likely that another buyer has the same feelings.

There’s a lot a buyer needs to account for before they’re truly ready to go. My advice for preparing? Connect with a lender, connect with a good real estate agent, and understand your options. What we say on our team is that just because we’re meeting, it doesn’t mean you have to buy. If you meet with us and our lender, you’re meeting first and foremost to learn. But it’ll put you in a position of certainty and give you the power to confidently submit an offer on the home you love.

If you’d like to meet and learn more about what you need to be ready to go, reach out to us. We look forward to helping you soon.