In the industry, we call a home that has been unsuccessful to sell an “expired listing,” a “cancelled listing,” or even a “withdrawn listing.” 

What my team and I have found is that when a home is taken off the market, 60% of those homes still need to sell. So when these kind of homes fall through the cracks, I like to give a call to the seller and see if they would be interested in working with us to help them sell.

Sometimes the seller is simply too frustrated by the previous experience to want to dive right back in. They often tell me they aren’t willing to go through the listing process again, but would be open to the idea of selling if I already had a buyer in mind. 

Now, I can understand how difficult it is to come back from a failed experience. The feeling of repeating that same process at the risk of failing again can be overwhelming. My team and I assist with 40 to 60 home sales per year, so we know all about how frustrating it can be. 

“You’re only doing yourself a disservice when you insist an agent just ‘bring you a buyer.’”

Getting a home listed and off the market is a tough, stressful thing to do. But that being said, you’re only doing yourself a disservice when you insist an agent just “bring you a buyer.”

If you are truly interested in selling, and in getting top dollar, the most effective way is to list it on the open market. Putting yourself back out there with the help of the right agent can make a huge difference. After all, how many buyers can I realistically have in mind who will be looking for a home exactly like yours? Statistically speaking, that probably just isn’t your best option. 

If you price your home just right or slightly below that point in the open market, you’ll almost definitely create a multiple offer situation. That can be two or 20 offers, but either way, multiple offers put you in a good position as a seller. 

When there is competition, the mindset of the buyer will shift from “I want to get the best deal” to “how can I get this property?” 

So, yes—we could bring just bring you a buyer. However, this won’t be the best way to get top dollar for your property. Listing with an agent who has a strong marketing and pricing strategy will truly be the best option. 

If you want more information or have any other questions, feel free to give me call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.