If you’ve ever tried and failed to sell your home, I probably don’t need to tell you that you need a new agent if you hope to succeed the next time around.

Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming to try to find someone for the job. You’ve probably been bombarded with phone calls from more agents than you can count claiming that they’re the best fit for you, so who should you choose? 

Before I explain how to handle this scenario, let me tell you what not to do. As I mentioned earlier, you should never relist with the same agent who failed you before.

I recently spoke with a woman who said she planned to do this, exactly, and my question to her was this: “What do you think your agent will do differently this time?

“The last thing you want to do when relisting is to fail again.”

She, of course, didn’t have an answer for this. Her only reasoning was that she was simply too busy to find and interview new agents.

Don’t get me wrong: I understand what it’s like to be busy. But if it meant getting your home sold, wouldn’t it be worth finding just 30 to 45 minutes out of your day to interview new agents?

The bottom line is that if you’ve tried to sell in the past, interviewing two to four new agents will be essential to your future success. The last thing you want to do when relisting is to fail again.

If you are thinking of putting your home back on the market, don’t hesitate to reach out to my team and me. We’re experts in rebranding and relisting properties. We know what it takes to get sellers the best possible results.

As always, if you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give my team or me a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.