Pretty much every time I meet with a homeowner that wants to sell their property, they want to know what they can upgrade to increase their sale price. I always recommend making small repairs and sprucing up your property before you sell. However, I don’t really encourage my clients to make big upgrades right before selling. 

Big upgrades should be reserved for those homeowners who live in their home and are not thinking about selling. If you’re going to make upgrades to your property, you want to be able to enjoy them yourself. Making upgrades right before selling is counterproductive because not only do you not get to enjoy the upgrades, you likely won’t be able to recover 100% of the money you spent, and you definitely won’t get more back than what you put in. It just doesn’t make any sense.

“Don’t make upgrades you won’t be able to enjoy.”

The best time to make upgrades is when you can afford them, of course, but also when you have time to enjoy them. If you’ve always wanted stainless steel appliances or a granite countertop, get it so you can enjoy it. When you do decide to sell, at least your home will be upgraded and you will get to enjoy it. You won’t get what you spend on upgrades back if you make them right before you sell. 

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