If you’ve had to take your home off the market after it went without selling, why didn’t it sell? Even if you were highly motivated to sell your home, hired an agent, and did everything correctly, it may not have sold for a couple of reasons: price and exposure.

Did you price your home too high? What was the pricing strategy you used with your agent? Was there a lot of competition on the market? How is the rest of the market doing in regard to inventory, recent and pending sales, active listings, etc.? These are all things you want to look at when you consider price as a factor in your unsuccessful sale. In the last few years, you could overprice your home and the market would catch up to it. This isn’t the case anymore—price is crucial when you list your property.

“If buyers aren’t excited by the home online or in person, they won’t want to buy it.”

Exposure is broken up into two parts: marketing and showing. While marketing is done to get the word out to buyers, home showings give these buyers a look at what they’d be getting, so a showing needs to give a good impression. Do the photos and videos look great? Has the home been well staged? Did a designer come through to spruce up the property? You can do everything to get the word out, but if buyers aren’t excited by the home online or in person, they won’t want to buy it at top dollar.

To get your home sold successfully next time, your first step is to interview different agents and see what they can do for you. How will they price your home? How will they prepare it to show its best? How will they broadcast it to all the right people? The agent you choose can make the difference between selling your home or going through the entire process again.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.