Here are seven things we love to provide our clients after the sale.

For most of our clients, we don’t just go away after we’ve helped them buy or sell a property. We strive to bring a lot to the table and be your real estate resource. Our business works by referral, so we continue to add value to the people who have supported us in the hope that you decide to support us again. Let’s go over the seven things we provide our clients after the sale so that you can take advantage of them if you’re not already.

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0:08 — Introducing today’s topic

1:01 — No. 1: CMAs and market advice

1:58 — No. 2: Referrals to our vendors

3:06 — No. 3: Community resources

3:36 — No.4: Settlement statements

4:09 — No. 5: Referrals to outside agents

5:10 — No. 6: Upgrade suggestions

6:16 — No. 7: Panic repairs

6:36 — Wrapping up

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