These are the two main things that will help you sell for top dollar.

Today I want to keep it very simple. There are two things you should focus on if you’re considering selling your home. Houses that look great and are priced accurately are the ones that sell for top dollar in the shortest time. If you’re working with me or my team, we take this off your plate and do it for you. However, if you’re working with another team or agent, these are the two things to keep in mind:

1. How can I put out the best product? This doesn’t necessarily mean making upgrades—I’m not a fan of that. Unless you’re going to upgrade the entire home, you’re virtually wasting your time because no one likes a Frankenstein house. I prefer cleaning up the property, making minor repairs, removing eyesores, steam-cleaning carpets, repainting rooms, and staging. These things will make the property look so appealing to the buyer that they will be instantly connected emotionally and imagine themselves living there. 

“Houses that look great and are priced accurately are the ones that sell for top dollar.”

2. How can I price it to maximize exposure? Let all the buyers out there know your home is not only available, but also that you’re motivated to sell it. If you do this right, it will result in multiple offers. Right now, we’re seeing many homeowners price their houses very high. They’re thinking that because inventory and interest rates are low, people will pay a premium. This isn’t the case. 

Buyers want to buy, but they’re very savvy and have a ton of information at their fingertips. I recommend pricing your property right around the same price that other homes have been selling for in the area. For example, if your house is worth $1 million and homes in your neighborhood are selling for $975,000 to $1 million, price yours at $998,000. You’ll be within the correct price range and get many offers. 

If you know anyone who may benefit from this message, send it to them. If you’re thinking about selling your property and want to discuss how we get the job done, I’d love the opportunity to work with you. Call or email me if you have any questions about selling or real estate in general. I look forward to speaking with you.