Have you heard about the concept of an “instant offer?” If not, allow me to explain. The term “instant offer” refers to a scenario in which a company buys a seller’s home outright so that the seller can avoid the listing process.

These days, instant offers are becoming much more mainstream. But is this approach to selling worth it?

In an instant offer scenario, the company purchasing the home will close as quickly or slowly as the seller wants, and also help them transition into their next home. This sounds incredible, right?

After all, who wants to go through all the hard work of preparing a home, finding an agent, arranging showings, hosting open houses, haggling with negotiations, and everything else that goes into a traditional listing process? 

“While instant offers may be less of a hassle, they won’t earn you top dollar.”

However, as convenient as an instant offer may seem, it’s important to consider the more subtle aspects to this approach—because while instant offers may be less of a hassle, they won’t earn you top dollar. These companies are not in the business of holding real estate.

They want to buy your property for much less than it’s potentially worth in order to sell it for a profit later, all while making the seller feel as if they’re being done a huge favor.

By all means, pursue an instant offer sale if this arrangement fits well with your goals—but do your research. Find out what fees they’re charging and what price you might earn, and then speak to an experienced agent about the results you might see from a traditional listing process. You may find that the work involved with a conventional selling experience is worth it, after all.

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