You need to consider these three tips when preparing your home for sale.

High emotions drive a high price when it comes to selling your home. What do you need to know about staging your home and getting it ready for the market? Here are three tips for staging your home to get the absolute top dollar from your buyer:

1. Space and purpose. Every home is unique—some rooms are bigger than others. The right staging will create purpose for every single room in the house.

2. Visualization. Did you know that the average buyer can’t visualize space? When you properly stage a home for the buyers, it does all the thinking for them. Then, all they have to do is fall in love.

“If you are thinking about selling in today’s market, you need to consider staging.”

3. Colors and style. Psychologically, colors create emotional connections with the buyers. If you have the right colors and accessories, you will improve the buyer’s emotional connection. It can be as easy as placing the perfect rug or some beautiful plants around the home.

If you are considering selling in today’s market, where inventory is growing and affordability is falling, you need to consider staging. To learn more about staging your home, or if you have any other questions, call or email me. Happy selling!