If you tried to sell in the past, your home may be worth more now.

To all you homeowners who tried to sell your home in the past and were unsuccessful for whatever reason: Your house is likely worth more now. There are dozens of reasons why properties don’t sell, but there’s an excellent silver lining. Maybe it was meant to be; it may have been a frustrating experience, perhaps you weren’t satisfied with your agent, or maybe something happened that was out of your control. 

The fantastic news is values have continued to rise month over month for years. We’re currently experiencing one of the most aggressive seller’s markets I’ve seen in my 15 years in real estate. Just today, I spoke to three different people whose homes didn’t sell in the past, and now I can probably get them a bit more than what they listed it for in the past. That’s the silver lining of not selling then: You can get more now. 

“Values have continued to rise month over month for years.”

Your next step is to talk to real estate agents and decide who to hire to get your house sold. If you’re in Orange County, I would love the opportunity to work with you. My team and I are in the top 1% of all the agents in the U.S., and we specialize in working with sellers who tried to sell in the past and were unsuccessful. Don’t get too down on yourself; reach out to us and let us help you come up with a strategy that will get you what you want. 

If you’re not in this area, I have referral partners all over the country, and I can refer you to the top agent in your neighborhood.

If you’re considering putting your property back on the market, you want to know the current value of your home, or you have any questions, reach out to me via phone or email. I’d love to be a resource for you and maybe earn your future business. Happy selling!