In my 12 years of selling real estate, I’ve come to learn that every buyer wants two things. One is something they know about, but the other is something they don’t.  

The first thing every buyer wants is a great deal. We’re in a hot market, so any home that looks great will sell. How can you squeeze out as much money as possible from the buyers who are looking, though? That’s easy—you have to maximize your home’s exposure. When every buyer in your area looks for homes online before actually seeing them in person, you need to make sure that when they see your property, it makes them want to check it out immediately. 

A lot of times, when I talk to sellers, they’ll say something like “Robert, what if we price our home aggressively and price it low and we only get one offer?” If you do the research up front, you know what your home is worth on paper, and you price it aggressively, you’ll more than likely attract multiple offers. 

When you price your home as a great deal, buyers will naturally want to see it because they’re looking for a great deal. The best part of this strategy is the paradigm shift that happens to the buyer the minute they walk into your property and fall in love with it. Not only will you get multiple offers, but the sale price will exceed the list price.

“Buyers want a great deal for your home and to be able to feel emotionally connected to it.”

However, none of that matters unless you also offer the thing that buyers don’t know they want—something that makes them feel good. Most buyers don’t search for homes to find something that makes them feel good. Instead, they usually have a more logical mindset that’s focused on bedroom counts, bathroom counts, square footage, etc. In my experience though, buyers will pay more for a home if it gives them the right emotional connection. 

To make an emotional connection with buyers, you need to take time to prepare your property for sale. If a buyer is going to spend as much as $1 million on a home, they’re going to want to move into something that makes them feel good. This means you might have to spend money to make some minor repairs or upgrades. 

Most importantly, though, never overlook the option of home staging. Whether you live in the property or not, you should strongly consider hiring a designer who will put together a complete package so that the buyer instantaneously feels emotionally connected. 

If you have any questions or you’re thinking about selling a property and you want to learn more about how my team and I help your clients sell for top dollar, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you.