Here’s what you need to know about waiting to purchase a home.

One of my mentors once shared a valuable insight: if you search for a reason not to buy a home, you’ll surely find one. I’ve gathered some notes that I’d like to share with you.

Many would-be buyers often express regret and wish they had purchased a home in previous years—whether it was in 2020 due to the pandemic, in 2021 amid fierce competition, or in later years due to fluctuating market conditions. In 2024, some are still hesitant, waiting for a market crash.

Here’s the truth: there are two types of people—those who have ideas and take action, and those who have ideas but don’t act on them. Successful individuals distinguish themselves by their willingness to act despite uncertainties. Uncertainty breeds doubt, which leads to fear and ultimately inaction. So, how can buyers navigate this challenging market and cultivate certainty?

“The first step to buying a home is to embrace the numbers. ”

The first step is to embrace the numbers. Consult with a lender and get pre-approved. Whether you believe you qualify or not, speaking with a lender is essential. It’s a free process that provides valuable insights into your purchasing power.

Upon speaking with a lender, you’ll discover what type of home you can afford. If the numbers align with your goals, don’t hesitate to move forward, even if interest rates are high. If not, develop a plan to achieve your homeownership goals in the future.

Ultimately, to become a successful buyer, you must take action. Whether you’re ready to buy this month or in the future, initiating the conversation with a lender is the crucial first step. Call or email me if you need a lender recommendation or if you just have any questions. I am always willing to talk.